Please Join Our Volunteer Workday – Friday 10/17

It’s part of our mission at Yang Masters UTC of Paola to give back to the community. One way that we do this is by giving of our time and energy to local causes during our “Volunteer Workdays”. In addition, volunteering is a great way to teach our children about the needs of the community, about what it means to give back, and to remember what they themselves have to be thankful for.

All students and parents are invited to meet in front of My Father’s House, 1004 N Pearl St, at 4:45 pm on Friday 10/17. From 5-7 pm we will serve dinner, clean up and play family games with the residents. Feel free to bring along a favorite game or activity.

fathershouseMy Father’s House is a nonprofit organization dedicated to programming and advocacy for those who are experiencing homelessness, have a low income or who are struggling in some other way.

Call Instructor Robert @ (913) 217-5400 if you have questions.

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