School Awarded Baehr Foundation Grant

Yang Masters United Taekwondo Center (UTC) of Paola was pleased to receive a $5000 grant in October 2014 that was funded by the local Louis W. and Dolpha Baehr Foundation and received through STAR-Support Team Always Ready, a non-profit organization created to provide charitable programs and services to low-income students. This grant is being used to provide financial assistance to low-income students, including those with disabilities, who have the desire to participate in martial arts instruction. In addition, the funds have supported the expansion of a program that began in July 2014 and involves a partnership with a local provider of services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Currently, 35 clients of this organization are participating in classes held twice a week and their response to this experience has been tremendous. The staff and students are very appreciative of this funding, which is helping the school live out its Mission Statement: To positively impact the lives of students, their family members and the Paola community by providing quality martial arts instruction and other wellness activities, creating an atmosphere that is inclusive and welcomes students of all ages, ability and income levels.

STAR is able to receive individual and corporate donations to fund scholarships for low-income students. For more information about STAR, please contact Instructor Robert at 913-294-8400.

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    That is so awesome  skip

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