Tonight It Begins!

Tonight we begin!




10 week Cardio/Strength Trainging!


This is a new 10 week program with two nights of in class training each week.  Each participant will than be held accountable to complete 4 additional training sessions throughout the remainder of the week.

Each person will complete a body/fitness assesment which we will use to track their growth/progress over the 10 week training.

This is a group setting so we will encourage and build each other up as we progress towards our goals.



In order to see a change in ourselves it is important to push the limits that bind us.


Class times:  Begining August 3rd 2015

Mondays 7pm to 7:45pm  Cardio training

Tuesdays 7pm to 7:45 pm Strength training

Cost is $5.00 per week/$50 for the 10weeks

If you have any questions and want to be apart of the change please contact Instructor Robert.  913-294-8400






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