TKD Tuesday Features Grand Master Yang and Welcomes Leonardo

Grand Master Pok Sun Yang made a whirlwind visit to Kansas over the weekend and took time out of his busy schedule for a quick visit with Instructor Robert, which included the generous gift of a new mascot, “Leonardo”, for the school! As many of you know, Grand Master Yang included Paola in his vision to create more opportunities for children and adults to experience the joy of accomplishing their personal goals through participation in Taekwondo. He loves to hear updates from Instructor Robert on how everyone at the school is doing and is so proud of all of the students who work hard during each class, including those who achieved their black belts in 2016. Grand Master Yang is a World Taekwondo champion and is a member of the USA Taekwondo team. He and his family moved to California in 2015 and he opened a new school in 2016, which is already flourishing under his leadership. Grand Master Yang will be making a trip back to Kansas later in 2016 to conduct a Poomsae “forms” seminar and details about how to be included in this amazing opportunity will be shared soon.

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