TKD Tuesday-Father and Son Dynamic Duo

We love to see parents join their children in the Dojang and we have several families at UTC of Paola who routinely make this sport a family affair. This week we are featuring J.W. and Nick Philpott. J.W. started classes in November 2015 and his father decided to follow his lead earlier this month. Both gentleman tested on Saturday for their orange belts and did an outstanding job of demonstrating what they have learned! Sherrie (Mom, Wife, Family CEO) provides constant encouragement and support to both of her “boys” and plays a very important role in their journey towards their black belts. The family lives in LaCygne and we are thankful that they have chosen UTC of Paola for their Taekwondo instruction. The Philpott family motto is “Katchi Kapshida”, which is Korean for “together we go”, and Nick and Sherrie live this out in their daily lives. In addition to devoting a significant amount of time to Taekwondo, the family is active in other sports, including soccer and t-ball. They started a soccer camp in their home town, which was called the Lil Kickers and Nick coaches J.W.’s t-ball team in the summer. Sherrie is a gifted writer and is the author of a children’s book, Silly Willard, that is based on J.W. Nick and Sherrie are both so proud of J.W. and what he has accomplished in all areas of his life, including the progress he has made in martial arts!!

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2 Responses to TKD Tuesday-Father and Son Dynamic Duo

  1. Gabriel Young says:

    Wondering if there was a black g4 left last night.


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