TKD Tuesday Presents the Student of the Month


Jacob Robinson has been selected as the Student of the Month for February 2017! Jacob joined Yang Masters UTC of Paola in August 2016 and quickly developed a reputation as being a dedicated, hard working student. He was chosen as Student of the Month for consistently demonstrating the 5 Tenants of Taekwondo. Jacob is a very humble young man and brings a great attitude with him each time he attends class. He always does his best and is a wonderful role model to the younger students, especially Matthew, his 7 year old brother who is also taking classes. Although Jacob was ready to participate in the recent belt testing, he chose to delay receiving his orange belt until Matthew is ready to join him in the next testing.

Jacob is a senior at Paola High School and plans to attend JCCC  this fall. He was introduced to Taekwondo when a friend invited him to Buddy Week and states that the sport has helped him become more physically active. Jacob enjoys competing in tournaments and is looking forward to the upcoming competition in Oklahoma on February 25th. Thank you Jacob for being an important part of the Yang Masters UTC of Paola family!

img_18191        img_39381-1

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