TKD Tuesday Features the Hodge Family

The Hodge family first became connected with Yang Masters United Taekwondo Center (UTC) of Paola during the fall of 2015 when Trinity, who was 6 years old at the time, signed up for classes. Trinity has done a wonderful job of progressing through the belt ranks and is now a brown belt. Her parents, Jason and Elizabeth, have been extremely supportive of her journey towards achieving her black belt and are both very involved in the school. After receiving persistent encouragement from Instructor Robert, Jason agreed to participate in sparring classes last year and he and Elizabeth officially enrolled in regular classes this past December. Jason has a background in karate and Instructor Robert quickly realized his potential to become a strong member of the leadership team and made it clear to him that he wanted and needed him be involved in this capacity with the school. Jason and Elizabeth have a long history of demonstrating their love and commitment to children through their work as foster parents. We are extremely fortunate that these two special people and their daughter have chosen Yang Masters for their martial arts instruction!!

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