TKD Tuesday Presents Jacki and Kevin Newcomb

Jackie and Kevin are another example of a family sharing the martial arts experience and they began their adventure last year when they joined Yang Masters United Taekwondo Center (UTC) of Paola. Kevin is 10 years old and was the first to join the school and his mother soon followed his lead. His older brother Noah also participated for a short period of time. Kevin had tried several different kinds of sports, but had not yet discovered his passion until he tried Taekwondo. He is currently an orange belt and particularly enjoys learning the kicks and forms. Kevin reports that this sport has helped him “focus and stay still”. Jacki has always been very involved in the extracurricular activities of her children and has provided constant encouragement, often by volunteering to providing coaching or participating in the sport herself, as she is doing with Taekwondo. Jacki is a very busy woman and in addition to being a single mother to three children, she works full-time as a carman for a railroad company. Jacki has earned her orange belt and reports that she loves participating in classes with Kevin because it’s a very positive environment and everyone is always smiling and having a lot of fun. She reports that it’s wonderful to get a good work out while having such a great time!! Jacki also feels it’s important to provide opportunities for her children to learn about their Korean heritage and Taekwondo provides Kevin with a rich experience to expand his knowledge in this area. In addition to striving to achieve their black belts, Jacki and Kevin hope to participate in the Demo Team at some point in the future. Jacki is a natural leader and although she’s enjoying the opportunity to participate with her son as a student, she is willing and ready to step in and assist when needed and Instructor Robert is very appreciative of her enthusiasm and initiative. We want to extend a big THANK YOU to Jacki and Kevin for choosing Yang Masters UTC of Paola for their martial arts instruction!!

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