TKD Tuesday “On The Road To Nationals”

TKD Tuesday “On The Road To Nationals”

Video interview with Joseph (RubyJoe) Lancaster

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TKD Tuesday Features Kim Kolman and Diana Smith

This week on TKD Tuesday we are featuring two Direct Support staff members with Lakemary Center in Olathe, KS.

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TKD Tuesday Features Paradise Cove, LLC


Yang Masters UTC of Paola appreciates all of our neighbors around the Paola Square and we are thrilled to be right next door to Paradise Cove, LLC!!


Dennis Steele

Dennis Steele is the owner and opened the doors to this new family business in July 2016. Paradise Cover has something for all ages to enjoy that includes casual dining and a variety of games and activities.The atmosphere is very family friendly and provides a safe and fun place to hang out and enjoy the company of family and friends. Robert Johnson, owner and Head Instructor at Yang Masters, is



thankful to have such a great neighbor and many of his students have taken advantage of the generous 15% discount on their purchase that Dennis provides to them.
We encourage everyone to stop by Paradise Cove and support this wonderful new business!!


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TKD Tuesday Presents Jacki and Kevin Newcomb

Jackie and Kevin are another example of a family sharing the martial arts experience and they began their adventure last year when they joined Yang Masters United Taekwondo Center (UTC) of Paola. Kevin is 10 years old and was the first to join the school and his mother soon followed his lead. His older brother Noah also participated for a short period of time. Kevin had tried several different kinds of sports, but had not yet discovered his passion until he tried Taekwondo. He is currently an orange belt and particularly enjoys learning the kicks and forms. Kevin reports that this sport has helped him “focus and stay still”. Jacki has always been very involved in the extracurricular activities of her children and has provided constant encouragement, often by volunteering to providing coaching or participating in the sport herself, as she is doing with Taekwondo. Jacki is a very busy woman and in addition to being a single mother to three children, she works full-time as a carman for a railroad company. Jacki has earned her orange belt and reports that she loves participating in classes with Kevin because it’s a very positive environment and everyone is always smiling and having a lot of fun. She reports that it’s wonderful to get a good work out while having such a great time!! Jacki also feels it’s important to provide opportunities for her children to learn about their Korean heritage and Taekwondo provides Kevin with a rich experience to expand his knowledge in this area. In addition to striving to achieve their black belts, Jacki and Kevin hope to participate in the Demo Team at some point in the future. Jacki is a natural leader and although she’s enjoying the opportunity to participate with her son as a student, she is willing and ready to step in and assist when needed and Instructor Robert is very appreciative of her enthusiasm and initiative. We want to extend a big THANK YOU to Jacki and Kevin for choosing Yang Masters UTC of Paola for their martial arts instruction!!

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A Big Thank You to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation

Yang Masters United Taekwondo Center of Paola would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation for the grant we received in 2016 through STAR-Support Team Always Ready. This grant provided financial support to 20 students who were given the opportunity to increase their level of health and wellness through participation in martial arts. Students of all abilities were able to benefit and enjoyed being involved in classes, special events, and community service projects.


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TKD Tuesday Features the Hodge Family

The Hodge family first became connected with Yang Masters United Taekwondo Center (UTC) of Paola during the fall of 2015 when Trinity, who was 6 years old at the time, signed up for classes. Trinity has done a wonderful job of progressing through the belt ranks and is now a brown belt. Her parents, Jason and Elizabeth, have been extremely supportive of her journey towards achieving her black belt and are both very involved in the school. After receiving persistent encouragement from Instructor Robert, Jason agreed to participate in sparring classes last year and he and Elizabeth officially enrolled in regular classes this past December. Jason has a background in karate and Instructor Robert quickly realized his potential to become a strong member of the leadership team and made it clear to him that he wanted and needed him be involved in this capacity with the school. Jason and Elizabeth have a long history of demonstrating their love and commitment to children through their work as foster parents. We are extremely fortunate that these two special people and their daughter have chosen Yang Masters for their martial arts instruction!!

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TKD Tuesday Presents the Student of the Month


Jacob Robinson has been selected as the Student of the Month for February 2017! Jacob joined Yang Masters UTC of Paola in August 2016 and quickly developed a reputation as being a dedicated, hard working student. He was chosen as Student of the Month for consistently demonstrating the 5 Tenants of Taekwondo. Jacob is a very humble young man and brings a great attitude with him each time he attends class. He always does his best and is a wonderful role model to the younger students, especially Matthew, his 7 year old brother who is also taking classes. Although Jacob was ready to participate in the recent belt testing, he chose to delay receiving his orange belt until Matthew is ready to join him in the next testing.

Jacob is a senior at Paola High School and plans to attend JCCC  this fall. He was introduced to Taekwondo when a friend invited him to Buddy Week and states that the sport has helped him become more physically active. Jacob enjoys competing in tournaments and is looking forward to the upcoming competition in Oklahoma on February 25th. Thank you Jacob for being an important part of the Yang Masters UTC of Paola family!

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TKD Tuesday-Father and Son Dynamic Duo

We love to see parents join their children in the Dojang and we have several families at UTC of Paola who routinely make this sport a family affair. This week we are featuring J.W. and Nick Philpott. J.W. started classes in November 2015 and his father decided to follow his lead earlier this month. Both gentleman tested on Saturday for their orange belts and did an outstanding job of demonstrating what they have learned! Sherrie (Mom, Wife, Family CEO) provides constant encouragement and support to both of her “boys” and plays a very important role in their journey towards their black belts. The family lives in LaCygne and we are thankful that they have chosen UTC of Paola for their Taekwondo instruction. The Philpott family motto is “Katchi Kapshida”, which is Korean for “together we go”, and Nick and Sherrie live this out in their daily lives. In addition to devoting a significant amount of time to Taekwondo, the family is active in other sports, including soccer and t-ball. They started a soccer camp in their home town, which was called the Lil Kickers and Nick coaches J.W.’s t-ball team in the summer. Sherrie is a gifted writer and is the author of a children’s book, Silly Willard, that is based on J.W. Nick and Sherrie are both so proud of J.W. and what he has accomplished in all areas of his life, including the progress he has made in martial arts!!

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TKD Tuesday Features Shelia Evans

Shelia Evans is one of the veteran UTC of Paola students and has become an integral part of the school! She and her son Matthew first signed up for classes in May 2012, after losing her husband and his father earlier that year. This was a significant time of transition for the two of them and participation in Taekwondo provided them with a focus and sense of purpose, which helped them begin the next phase of their lives. Later in 2012, Shelia and Matthew attended their first tournament in Chicago with several other students, which they greatly enjoyed, and since then have participated in other local and out-of-state events. Shelia has volunteered a significant amount of time to assist during special events and is always willing to lend a hand and goes the extra mile to welcome others to the school family!!

Shelia is very proud of Matthew, who has a disability and has flourished at the school! She has also accomplished a great deal herself and believes that her confidence has increased over the past several years, to the point of feeling comfortable with her ability to defend herself, if necessary. Shelia also feels that Taekwondo has increased her stamina and endurance, which is important to her, due to the significant health scare that she had several years ago after experiencing a brain aneurysm. She considers herself very fortunate to be alive and have the opportunity to live such a full life! In addition to her work at the school and on-going dedication to her son as she encourages him to achieve his goals and increase his independence, Shelia recently started working part-time at Fed Ex and encouraged Matthew to apply for a position too. This new employment venture has challenged both of them to push themselves a little harder and Matthew has had the opportunity to experience a new sense of pride and accomplishment.

Shelia is very proud of achieving her 1st degree black belt in 2015 and continues to take classes and assists with instructing some of the younger students. She would like to continue perfecting her forms and participating on the Demo Team. In addition, she plans to test for her 2nd degree black belt this October! Shelia is quite a lady and deserves a huge THANK YOU for all of the contributions she makes to UTC of Paola.

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TKD Tuesday Features Grand Master Yang and Welcomes Leonardo

Grand Master Pok Sun Yang made a whirlwind visit to Kansas over the weekend and took time out of his busy schedule for a quick visit with Instructor Robert, which included the generous gift of a new mascot, “Leonardo”, for the school! As many of you know, Grand Master Yang included Paola in his vision to create more opportunities for children and adults to experience the joy of accomplishing their personal goals through participation in Taekwondo. He loves to hear updates from Instructor Robert on how everyone at the school is doing and is so proud of all of the students who work hard during each class, including those who achieved their black belts in 2016. Grand Master Yang is a World Taekwondo champion and is a member of the USA Taekwondo team. He and his family moved to California in 2015 and he opened a new school in 2016, which is already flourishing under his leadership. Grand Master Yang will be making a trip back to Kansas later in 2016 to conduct a Poomsae “forms” seminar and details about how to be included in this amazing opportunity will be shared soon.

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