Summer Camps

 Themes For Summer Camp 2015

Subject to change based on availability of activities (same theme, but may be on a different day)

June 2015

2nd—Attitude Day Camp (activities about emotions and Alexander’s Horrible Terrible No Good Really Bad Day movie)

4th—Gardener’s Day Camp (working in the Community Garden of H.O.P.E.)

9th—Box Troll Day Camp (fun with boxes and Box Troll movie at PCC*)

11—Motion Day Camp (experiments with marbles, cars, and catapults, and a puppet show at PCC)

16th—Ocean Rescue Day Camp (ocean animal crafts and Dolphin Tales 2 movie at PCC)

18th—Water Play Day Camp (bubbles, a visit to water at the CG, and then a trip to the Pool)

23rd—Scavenger Hunt Day Camp (scavenger hunt around either a nature trail or Park Square)

25th—Music Day Camp (making instruments and a concert by Scott Klamm at PCC)

30th—Science Day Camp (experiments, activities, and snacks to inquire about)

July 2015

2nd—Independence Day Camp (celebrating 4th of July!)


14th—Legos Day Camp (bring your own or build with what we have)

16th—Undecided at this time (possibly a field trip with Library Group to WWI museum)

21st—Zookeeper Day Camp (animal arts and crafts and Zookeeper movie at PCC)

23rd—Farmstead Day Camp (taking a trip to Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead)

28th—All About Adoption Day Camp (fun activities and Annie movie at PCC)

30th—A Day at the Fair Day Camp (outing to the county fair and decorating the UTC float for the parade! *subject to change due to fair dates*)

August 2015

4th—Teddy Bear Day Camp (fun with our furry friends and Paddington Bear movie at PCC)

6th—Taekwondo Art Day Camp (making art with our hands and feet)

*PCC—Paola Community Center

Schedule is subject to change

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