Matthew Evans

A bit about Matthew

Matthew joined our school, along with his mom Shelia, back when we first openned Yang Masters United Taekwondo Center in Paola KS durning the summer of 2012.  Since joining nothing has held him or his mom back from acheiving their 1st Degree Black Belts.


Matthew and Shelia

Things dont always come easy for Matthew, was born with an Occipital Encephalocele, when he was 2 days old he had to correct the problem. The procedure affected his motor skills; both gross and fine, and his vision.  When he was 4 months old he developed Hydrocephalitis and had a shunt put in to drain the excess fluid off his brain.  At 4 he was diagnosed with Autism.

Matthew truly has an Indomitable Spirit.   Because of his involvment with Instructor Robert and Yang Masters United Taekwondo of Paola, Matthew has impoved his balance, coordination, gross and fine motor skills and continues to achieve new levels of success.



When asked what he enjoyed most about taekwondo he said:

“Kicking and board breaking and the compition and tournaments”


Matthew doing splits and breaking boards during Mission Possible Tournament

What has been your most challenging aspect of Taekwondo?

“Breaking my brick for my Black Belt”

How have you grown?

“I can kick higher”

What do you want to improve on?

“Making my stance’s and hand technique sharper, and getting stronger at brick breaking  and power breaking and forms”

What are your plans for the future?

“I want to stay in taekwondo and get a good paying job. I would like to be an Instructor some day.”

Anything else you want to share?

“I enjoy being with my mom and girlfriend, they are students too.  I enjoy being part of the Leadership Club and helping out”